If I stop using Cruu, will this break my project?

No. You can stop using Cruu at any time without skipping a beat. Using Cruu is like hiring a human React developer to hand code your UI designs. You get clean source code as output. It's yours to keep, use and host however you like.

All drag and drop WYSIWYG design apps hit a wall.  They do 95% of what I want, but can’t do that last 5% of what I need.  If Cruu lacks a feature to make some design change, what do I do then?

Every component Cruu exports is meant to be customized by passing props. You can customize styles of any element, attach event listeners, or completely replace any element with your own custom code. Please see the overrides docs:

Cruu DocsOverrides System

This seems like another failure case, another external dependency, I need to worry about?  What if the Cruu app is down?  What if Cruu ceases to function as a company?

We feel that Cruu is one of the few failure cases you DON’T need to worry about. Please see our answer to “If I stop using Cruu, will this break my project?” above. 

My app uses complex business logic. Isn’t Cruu just for creating designs?  Can Cruu components integrate with complex business logic?

Cruu components are pure functional React components, that expose a rich set of override props. You can implement any type of customization and business logic without having to ever edit the code generated by Cruu by using the props.  We feel Cruu does this in an elegant, logical, and safe manner.

I think Cruu will do a great job creating the initial design but as we push feature updates I am worried Cruu will be difficult to maintain and Cruu will break our update process?

Cruu is built for a continuous update process. Since you never have to edit the generated code, and all customization is done through using the props, when the design changes, your business logic stays intact. Check out the documentation on the Cruu CLI for how to update the generated code:

Cruu DocsCommand Line Interface

If I want to use Bootstrap or Ant Design, etc. can I?

As of June 24, 2020 Ant Design integration is in progress and we hope to release this feature soon. Other commonly used component library integrations are going to follow soon!

Does Cruu offer real-time collaboration?

Yes! Cruu is a cloud-based drag and drop design app.  You can collaborate on designs with teammates together in the same file. Real-time collaboration functionality is however somewhat limited right now, in that you can't see each other in the document, or write comments or chat. We hope to add more great collaboration features soon!

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